Features and benefits

ClimateGuard range benefits include:

• Offers a comprehensive range including windows, doors and commercial frames
• Designed and engineered according to Australian climate conditions
• Provides optimal energy efficiency and comfort
• Easy to fabricate and install
• Reduces the need for artificial cooling & heating
• State-of-art thermal break technology
• Provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
• Available in a wide range of powder-coat colours
• Similar to existing Darley systems for easy transition
• IGU sizes up to 30mm - for sliding and awning/ casement windows
• IGU sizes up to 35mm - for fixed framing & hinged doors

The next phase in energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important part of any green building project by improving insulation properties for the building envelope, as well as greater resistance to solar heat gained through a multitude of glass options. ClimateGuard window and door systems provide comfort and an energy efficient alternative to traditional aluminium windows and doors.

U-values provide a guide to how much heat energy is transferred through a window. The lower the U-value, the better the window keeps out the hot or cold. Combined with appropriate glass selection, the window and door systems of Climateguard provide excellent insulation between the internals of a project and the outside world.


The technology behind the climateguard system consists of two aluminium profiles and a polyamide strip that is inserted between the aluminium exterior and interior elements creating a thermal insulator. It minimises the transfer of hot and cold through the aluminium window frame, giving the thermally broken aluminium window excellent insulation properties.

Design for Performance

In the future, when working with conventional framing, Architects and engineers may have to alter designs or reduce and remove windows just to meet energy requirements on a project. However, with the Climateguard range an architect can incorporate large expanses of glazing using thermally broken aluminium window systems and still comply with the new Section J energy requirements. This also allows them to maintain current trends surrounding natural light, ventilation, open spaces and great views.

Towards Section J

It has become much harder to meet the minimum requirements for energy efficiency in commercial buildings using conventional systems. When the time comes that you need a high-performance system to get you over the line, Darley has you covered. By delivering to you an Australian designed thermally broken system, specifically designed with Australian fabricators and end users in mind, we can offer the right solution for Section J requirements.

Tested to the Max

Climateguard doors and windows are specifically designed to meet Australian climatic conditions, Australian testing standards and comply with the National Construction Code (NCC). All Climateguard window and door systems has been tested against severe wind and water conditions, as well as air leakage and operation force. Compliance has always been important to Darley as it provides the peace of mind our customers need when using systems that need to stand the test of time.

ClimateGuard Brochure

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The ClimateGuard range of thermally broken windows & doors are the ideal choice for improving energy efficiency and comfort in commercial buildings.
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